Only This One, Melchior Only Robot Watches

A pull-style robot model so put on the stage, if you tell a friend that is a bell, do not know how many people will believe it.

The famous high-end watchmakers MB & F never just made the most pull the wind most cool clock. This time they may dislike a lot of new work: Melchior Only robot clock.

Although the concept of watches, Melchior Only looking at the time on this play has often been bad functionality is very intuitive. "Robot" two turntables chest, left when the right is the corresponding points. Cutting-edge point which, of course, represents the time the present.

Melchior Only cool styling, workmanship is not ambiguous. It has a total of up to 480 members, watch movement uses a skeleton structure, the surface is also coated with a palladium metal. Interestingly, Melchior Only well as suspension system, is it broke in order to avoid transit?

Note Melchior Only the "Only", explained it is only this one. Interested?


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