Fashion And Technology Is The Tuyere Watch Industry

Watch industry how to site "Internet +" draught?Yesterday, the shenzhen commercial daily new media center and shenzhen watch industry association and jointly organized the "focusing on shenzhen clock toward fashion technology and application of new media communication roundtable, around hot topic discussion of experts and enterprise representatives attending the meeting thinks, in the era of Internet +, including clocks, the advantages of traditional industry is undergoing profound revolution, seize the tuyere hug" Internet + ", clock and watch industry to fashion and evolution of science and technology, and combining with the help of the new media platform at the same time, the efficient integration of developing new market.
The roundtable activities are also has stepped into the 26th year of China (shenzhen) international and horological exhibit a warm-up, during 25 June solstice 28, shenzhen and horological exhibit will be unveiled at the shenzhen convention and exhibition center, the organizers shenzhen watch industry association, the kind invitation to shenzhen citizen to the scene, experience the glamour of the shenzhen watch fashion technology.
Embrace the Internet is the trend of The Times
"Embracing Internet +, clock and watch industry is undergoing huge changes."Executive director of the association of shenzhen watch industry, crystal product exhibition, general manager of cultural Yang Jingwen, share the latest changes, the clock and watch industry, she said, with the rapid rise of wearable intelligent equipment, at present, huawei, zte, TCL, etc. Some of the billions of level, is rapidly into smart watches the industry, the pattern of their joining to clock and watch industry has, at present is horological industry from small industry across to the big industry, along with other formats quickly join the watch industry, their ambition to change the existing way of life, for shenzhen clock is heading for the fashion science and technology, has created a "made from shenzhen to shenzhen, shenzhen to create, or even wisdom" of the situation.
"The traditional industry embraced the Internet is the trend of The Times."Chairman assistant of weeks, of electricity have long been doing, in addition to weibo WeChat operations, also focus on electricity and the change of network marketing, the past is to do offline market first, and then to online marketing, is generally through the electronic commerce brand companies to do network promotion.Company attention at present there are some new phenomena, that is some of the new company to enter the clock and watch industry, from online to offline, the pattern of the new company is very successful, this just shows the charm of Internet +.
"Internet +" let more diverse fashion
"The Internet is infinite possibility, fashion clock is also towards a new era of science and technology."Bao jie Wang Shulei, general manager of thought, a watch is not beautiful, intelligent again also nobody wear, as people change the way of life, the love of beauty, beauty has become the common pursuit of people chase, visible clocks and watches industry the future of the market is very wide also.While the Internet brings to the traditional industries change is breaking barriers, many companies are transformation, bao jie table also in transition, the bao jie table already in jingdong, Tmall opened bao jie table when the official flagship store, the sustainable development of enterprises in the late, will also seek breakthrough in the technology of fashion.Wang Shulei says, "Internet +" let fashion more diverse, the future of traditional enterprise to deep target customer base and find belongs to own fashion.Flyer, bao jie watches when developed, such as Jane eyre series of theme.
Renault's watch, deputy general manager of high XiangLian introduction, Renault is doing the business table, used to think business table to fairly, but with the advent of the era of Internet +, find business people prefer simple table, simple is also a kind of fashion.Internet + era will inevitably bring a series of shocks, traditional watches for many years, enterprises, consumers may find overlap, which indicates that the personalized market is on the rise.
Wave represents Song Ling on a piece of Apple Watch, she is to feel the wearable device which contact with clocks and watches."The wearable device is difficult to let the consumer experience the elegant temperament."Song Ling admitted that in the pursuit of fashion, wearable device of electronic watch has just started, but traditional watches on the way fashion has been much far.
Shenzhen head and horological exhibit Yang Jingwen argues that with the solution of the wearable device battery life, smart watches and fashion combined with just around the corner.
To interact with the fans
"Hug" Internet + ", our experience is interactive medium."When it comes to Internet +, appropriate prospective marketing director YiQi moved by introducing, appropriate is very early in the new media operations, establish official weibo and official WeChat account , when fans rose to 8000, just after thinking powder enterprise what to do, as you all know weibo from point to surface, but even more WeChat point to point, when the followers WeChat ID, found not feeling interest content will be cancelled.Now many enterprises are faced with the problem the zombie powder, when enterprise WeChat ID has a few thousand to 10000 fans, will find that reading quantity is only 100, 200, and the number of fans don't match, this fact is the problem of how to improve the cohesion.Appropriate quasi is doing activities and interact with the fans.Assuming a watch with the user is the communication of time, can't call it fashion technology, new media age must have interaction, should actively participate in the Olympic Games, activities such as the marathon race, to promote appropriate concept of quasi sports watches, sun photos with fans, bask in the running, etc., through a variety of activities, the appropriate Internet users reached 100000.


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