Chinese Watch Industry Problems And Countermeasures

Our watches current problems in three areas:

First, the theoretical basis of our research and systematic watch industry, innovation and reasonable industrial structure has a large gap.

Second, product quality watches restricting Chinese enterprises to enhance market competitiveness of its products to the world.

Quality movement made in China, especially in mechanical automatic movement and quartz watches electronic watch movement, it can not provide reliable quality products for the domestic and international famous brands.

Third, quality and reliable products with independent intellectual property rights and support for the internationalization process of brand development strategy is still in its infancy, has not formed an influential international brand clusters.

Measures brief return in three points:

First,  we must adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, relying  on scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and  business model innovation, promote industrial restructuring and  upgrading. Its  focus is to actively promote the integration of resources, to support  key enterprises, the development of specialized production and overcome  the irrational industrial structure large and small and complete, to  form a reasonable industrial layout; strengthen national and provincial  enterprise technology center, close Combination,  accelerate the pace of technological transformation of enterprises, and  constantly improve the level of science and technology industry and  advanced manufacturing capabilities; outstanding problems existing, for  five years with the manufacturing process and equipment updates on  important basic raw materials supply and key parts and components have The breakthrough; pay attention to training and education, and strive  to create a watch industry, senior research and technical personnel to  support the development of the whole industry.

Second, it is to make "product quality improvement project" as the most important industry of the current work. While  the total size of the stable, planned, with measures to strengthen the  quality of its efforts to improve the quality of the product first place  in the business work. On  the schedule, with respect to the table and movement, the first grasp  movement; movement relative to mechanical and electronic table movement,  first grasp the mechanical watch movement. At the same time, taking into account the good quality of the finished table and electronic table movement enhance the work.

Third, the implementation of strategic brand development. This is one of the important measures to achieve the transformation of the watch industry in the future development. Ministry  of Industry and Information Technology is developing "country watch  industry to accelerate its own brand-building guidance", expected to be  introduced this year.


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