Watches knowledge you need to know about Balance spring

You can see the Balance wheel can be swinging, completely because of the existence of Balance Spring, some people say that hair is "Balance - Spring", also known as "Hairspring", as its name implies is as thin as hair Spring to make a Balance wheel wavering regularity of the existence of the soul. Balance spring in the wrist, the role of is a long way, it is the soul of a mechanical watch, is also a movement in the lightest part of all parts. In simple terms, if a table is not allowed, balance spring is defective, balance spring material, the thickness of the hair, the length of the hair, elastic can determine whether a table is accurate. Balance wheel for chain on the hair, and hair so that the balance wheel began to work, a table and nature of the place is the basic function of the two complement each other, each other's work.

A balance wheel oscillation frequency, fast and slow is determined by the balance spring length and balance wheel scale, control power transmission stability of the mechanical watch, also is thus generated. Balance spring every kuo zhang contraction, seemed to draw a perfect circle, stability, out-breath to and cooperate with torsion pendulum. In recent years, many brands main balance spring with silicon material and so on, actually perfect balance spring, material accounted for a large part of the decision. Hair, want to resist temperature difference and resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, gravity magnetic field effect is difficult, the invisible factors, can keep the balance spring metal ageing, antimagnetic, then for your table decisive role - no as well. At the beginning of the 20th century's Nobel laureate Charles Edouard Guillaume invented new use Invar alloy to make balance spring, it is not affected by the temperature difference, the benefits of magnetically.


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