Watch of the Year 2015 standard Publicizing held in Shenzhen

On 24 June 2015 to June 25, the National Standardization Technical Committee of the watch in Shenzhen, organized the 2015 annual watches standard Publicizing. Watches standard committee deputy director and secretary general, Zhang Fang, director of the Institute of Light Industry clocks, watches standard committee Kim Young-sook, Vice Secretary-General and Secretary-General of China Association of watches and clocks Li Xia standard committee members and timepiece business representatives attended the 53 the standard Publicizing.

  The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General Kim Young-sook. Publicizing  During the meeting, by the standards of the drafting unit Publicizing  experts were to GB / T 4028-2013 "position marker test timing  equipment", GB / T 30106-2013 "watches waterproof watches" QB / T  4781-2014 " Test  conditions for the appearance of the watch appearance parts ", GB / T  9820.1-2013" Timing academic language - Part 1: definition of science  and technology ", GB / T 4032-2013" has a balance spring oscillating  system precision watches ", GB / T 30416 -2013  'watches sale maintenance services Technical specifications ", GB / T  4051-2013" red synthetic corundum ", GB / T 30415-2013" watches  functional and non-functional jewels ", QB / T 1907-2014" watch shock  absorber " QB  / T 1042-2014 "digital world clock", QB / T 4774-2014 "synthetic  sapphire watch glass", QB / T 4775-2014 "table housing and its annexes  artificial sweat corrosion test methods", QB / T  4776-2014 "watch crown", QB / T 4777-2014 "Analog quartz movement and  bell housing with dimensions", QB / T 4778-2014 "voice timekeeping  quartz crystal", QB / T 4779-2014 "LCD  voice timekeeping quartz watch" and seven national standards and  industry standards altogether sixteen nine standards were preaching.

The standard Publicizing, starting from the specific content of the relevant standards, will preach the industry standard content and actual characteristics of the combination of technology and products, explained in detail the background and revision of standards revision process of determining the content and presentation of the the latest developments in technology-related products. The Publicizing deepen participants understanding of the content of the standards and awareness, can effectively promote watches standards widely implemented and used in business and industry


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