Fashion Technology "Time Festival 2015 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair China Watches

June 25 to 28, to "fashion technology" as the theme of the 26th China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair ranked the world's third largest watch exhibition, as the world watches the industry's most important event. This exhibition area of over 45,000 square meters, has attracted international and domestic big exhibitors. Independent Swiss watchmakers, the German watch industry elite, the French fashion brand watches and other world-class enterprises, FIYTA, according to Bo, Rossini and other Chinese watch brand, the essence of the system clock century China, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo's latest wearable smart devices and other well-known brands attended the exhibition.

Forum means Air China watches

2015, Apple Watch released, marked "wearable product of intelligent era" has clearly jumped from. The giants from the telecommunications, home appliances, computer, the Internet also has long layout, have to develop future strategies, especially on the wrist to compete as the representative of various body parts. China Watch this Summit to "sink · change, identify trends in order to design the future" as the theme, inviting eminent personalities Smart Garments industry and the global watch industry veteran experts, the media, to discuss the "past", "present" and "future" intelligent trends affecting the industry as well as social development, in order to provide new ideas for traditional watchmaking enterprise restructuring and development. After this table show Forum held in time it is pooling resources to create a blend era focus in traditional precision timing products firmly than 300 years, watches create customer who in turn meet the new wave of baptism. Science and technology to lead the industry to upgrade.

Watch this show is positioned as a fashion + Watch Fair technology. Organisers official said, the watch industry from the initial development of technology to fashion, to the current technology, out of a clear upgrade path. By the 26th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair platform, complete upgrade path to show the innovation and development and the entire industry, "fashion technology" positioning industry. For this reason, the exhibition of the Shenzhen local companies, both traditional precision manufacturing watch, more based on today's hottest IT, Internet technology, smart watches. Computer IT Internet communications on behalf of medical and other industry leaders have gathered, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Inwatch, Tempo and many local Chinese brand brings intelligent watches, will round display the power of technology.

The gradual internationalization of the high-end exhibition

Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair has become an important international professional exhibition and communication platform, this exhibition is an international full range of children. Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia and other countries participate in the exhibition, it brings the latest high-end products, fashion, close to the people. Independent Swiss watchmaking bring products meet the current needs of consumers; French Pavilion for the first time to carry 10 brands to the Chinese market interpretation of the French romantic feelings, and will also show the cultural essence of dollars on behalf of the French antique clocks work; Russia watch Association to bring the four brands, reflecting the decline of the Russian watch industry in the past the old Soviet army successfully rejuvenated the table; watch Germany since last year on the Shenzhen watch & Clock Fair have sold this year is to bring many classic brands.


(Source: Chongqing Business Daily)

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