A feast of cultural and creative watches

2015 Fair "beauty moment when the United States · Focus light" Shenzhen to Hong Kong watch cultural creative design special activities will be held in one office Komeito watches bases Imperial Star Building on May 14 to 18 days.

When the five-day event, the public can feel watches fashion technology culture, to understand the process timepiece precision technology, cultural and creative products enjoy table clocks show the same time you can also enjoy preferential purchase table. FIYTA, according to wave table, King of the table, Xinghuang table, Renault table, Porsche tables, gaya table, Tempo table, Bernie table, table Folang Ge, Jun StarTech table, Sen Feng vacuum coating, ancient statue table, Leimai table, respect product line clock watch brands are well-known to participate in activities.

In addition, the Fair point Guangming New watches special activities will be special guests to participate in the field of "wisdom time public a space" forum, showing off watches create unlimited innovation and innovative. Entrepreneurs will also expand the dialogue in a 80 "80 entrepreneurs, you old? "Different positions entrepreneurs from different backgrounds come together to share their experience in the watch industry and business experience.


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